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M0nday, May 1, 2023

Eunide Blaise 500pts

Balance: 500pts

Jules Andrine 4650pts

Balance: 4650pts

Joseph Irelande 3200pts

Balance: 3200pts


Valentin Maudeline 700pts

Balance: 700pts

Fleurant Walna 8100pts

Balance: 8100pts


Worlked Prophete 300pts

Balance: 300pts

Cadiche Ruth 10200pts

Balance: 10200

Bazile Guerda 7900pts

Balance: 7900pts

Olivier Ghislaine 13350pts

Balance: 13350pts


Chrispin Gertrude 2350pts

Balance: 2350pts


Jean-Pierre Nadege 2250pts

Balance: 2250pts

Jean-Pierre Eugenie 2200pts

Balance: 2200pts

Francisque St Louis 2100pts

Balance: 2100pts

Jean Majorie 7250pts

Balance: 7250pts

Jean Willeson 1000pts

Balance: 1000pts

Nelson Gladys 6800pts

Balance: 6800pts

Jean-Pierre Delivrance 6950pts

Balance: 6950pts

Lapierre Yella 7600pts

Balance: 7600pts

Augustin Eunice 8150pts

Balance: 8150pts


Duverge Marie 2700pts

Balance: 2700pts

Maitre Monique 4150pts

Balance: 4150pts

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